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One You Couch to 5K

Public Health England Digital
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130 Mb
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7.2.1 (497)
Android version
Android 4.2
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One You Couch to 5K is an application for Android that helps you to start running and improve your health.

Personal trainer for you

The app lets you choose from the list of five very experienced and well-known persons from the world of sport. Other running software like RunKeeper doesn’t have a feature like this. Such personalization gives you better motivation and makes your training routine more pleasant and engaging. 

When you pick one you like the most, he or she will provide you with an individual program that can be adjusted to your needs. Usually, it takes about nine weeks to complete it, but you can do it slowly if you don’t want to hurry. 

Exercise with comfort 

The application has many options, that make your running process feel less exhausting. There is a special timer, that always shows you how many miles you already have passed and how long is it left to go. There is also the ability to make it speak this information to your earphones during the run. 

Moreover, you can connect it to your music player, so you will be given advice and motivational quotes from trainers while you are listening to your favorite songs. 

The achievement system is also available, along with a convenient progress tracker. If you don’t skip your training you will get nice in-app prizes. And the result of every workout is saved and analyzed, providing you with statistics on your success. 

After every run and before it, you are asked to rate how do you feel at the moment. That helps you to understand that running is very useful and makes you feel better. 

There is also an active community of sportsmen and amateurs. You can read and share their posts, find new tips and sources of motivation there. 


  • you can choose from five personal trainers;
  • provides you with the individual program;
  • allows connecting the app to your music player;
  • achievement and progress tracking systems;
  • free download for Android. 
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