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OneBooster is an Android application that will help you speed up your smartphone and clean up space from unnecessary files.

Boost the OS

Many Android smartphones have a number of problems that are related to the activity of using the operating system. Most modern versions use a system of accumulating cache files and other parameters that clutter up systems. As a result, you get a drop in performance and an increase in temperature. This application will help you solve a number of technological problems and clean your smartphone from unnecessary data. 

First of all, you can close all unnecessary programs that occupy the resources of the operating system. This will speed up the loading of various applications and opening tabs in the browser. You can also check the operating system for viruses and malicious code. All this will allow you to get more reliability during confidential use.

Battery Saver & OS Optimizing

The menu contains an energy saving option. It helps to unload unnecessary applications from RAM. Most unused applications automatically load when you turn on your smartphone and accelerate battery drain. Quick upload helps increase smartphone uptime by 10-30%.

A daily system scan helps prevent system performance degradation. Choose the format of cleaning your smartphone and enjoy the fast operation of the operating system. The application allows you to quickly solve various problems in terms of performance.


  • the smartphone cleaning application;
  • remove garbage and optimize your operating system;
  • free option to reduce the temperature of the processor;
  • search and elimination of malicious code;
  • the support of current Android versions.
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