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Android 4.1 and above

OpenVPN is a vpn service that allows you to connect to a remote site and a blocked contact in your country. Now you do not need to look for alternative ways because you can bypass the blocking of regional providers. Just one click and you can easily connect to the content you are interested in. It is worth noting that there are private tunnels, the ability to connect to a different server and configure your own profile. 

Thanks to this, you need to watch advertisements or add extra bookmarks. Create a new connection and enjoy a secure protocol. Each user can get the opportunity to protect their Wi-Fi router or mobile network. Just a few clicks and no one can track your location. It is worth noting that this is one of the most reliable software systems on Android. The ability to configure allows you to make flexible connections to a secure network. A fast and secure connection ensures that no one can access your data.

Secured Connections

Thanks to this VPN service, you are fully protected on the Internet. Get access to blocked sites in your area, download content and download the necessary information. The remote server system guarantees you complete anonymity to be able to connect bypassing the provider’s regional locks. Such an algorithm allows you to completely protect all your data and go unnoticed by government regulators. This program is completely free and contains no ads. Thanks to this, you can safely and safely download the necessary content. The program menu is simple and intuitive. Thanks to this, you can download and configure any parameters.

App Features

  • application for bypassing locks on Android;
  • connect to VPN servers and download data;
  • connection protection and complete anonymity;
  • wide range of tools for setting up communication;
  • data encryption and incognito mode for users.
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