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Opera Mini

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11,6 Mb
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Android 5.0
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Opera Mini is a web browser for Android devices that will allow you to open websites and download any content on-demand quickly.

Small web browser

The main advantage of this Android browser is its low weight and the ability to open sites quickly. Special file compression technology will allow you to save traffic if you are connected to a limited data packet. Here you can activate ad blocking to watch sites in their original form. Now no malicious application can harm your smartphone. 

It is also worth noting convenient bookmark options and a special setting for parallel file downloads. Now you can get detailed traffic statistics in the main menu of the application. It is very convenient since you do not waste time on similar technical aspects. Now you can share files anywhere and transfer data offline. A special container will help you secure this process.

How to use it?

To go to a specific site, you can enter a search query or activate a microphone for a voice command. You can open several tabs at the same time and place them in the queue. A special privacy mode will help you block various sites and their tracking options. The download system allows you to organize all the data in one place. 

You can also use the most popular widgets on the main page and enable synchronization to save all bookmarks and passwords. Besides, you can activate the night mode, which will save traffic and simplify the use of your smartphone in the evening. Android application data allows you to choose any default search engine, which is especially convenient in modern realities.


  • application for opening sites;
  • free traffic blocking technology;
  • download files and bookmark sites;
  • built-in player and download manager;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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