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70 Mb
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Android version
Android 4.1 and above
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Opera is an Android browser with a built-in ad blocker and a free VPN. You can access sites that are blocked in your country with just one click. You can also protect your privacy since no one can track your location. The browser has a personal news page that adjusts to your preference of the browsing history. Thanks to this, you can always read the latest news and open widgets with popular sites. The ad blocking system allows you to clear web pages of excess content. 

It will provide you with an Internet connection speed and a unique website experience. You can store passwords for sites in one place and block the manager using encryption. Now you can fill in the data on purchases in online stores without fear of intruders. The file upload system allows you to quickly save all documents and open them in one tab. Also, the application has a day and night theme. The second option is suitable for those who want to reduce eye strain in the evening.

Browse The Web

This web browser allows you to quickly manage various tabs and open an infinite number of sites. You can use the tablet or stationary mode and add widgets to the home screen for quick access to sites. Bookmark, save documents and switch between modes in a few clicks. The private browsing option allows you to protect your location and data from intruders. Thanks to Smart algoritm, you can always surf the web reliably and shop. Stylish interface and concise menu allows you to quickly find various settings tabs and other options. This will help you with the daily use of the browser.

App Features

  • the Android browser with active VPN;
  • news feed based on your preferences;
  • blocking ads and malicious code;
  • day and night theme and traffic saving mode;
  • fast file downloads and saving passwords.
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