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The Orbot mobile application for Android smartphones will become a loyal assistant in cases where you need to secure secure web surfing from a portable device. This is such an analogue of Tor for smartphones and tablets, which was created by the same development team (with the active participation of the community).

Basically, programs like Orbot are installed to gain anonymity on the network. They can also be used to gain access to blocked content. In this case, it does not matter whether a certain resource is closed in the country where the user is staying, or if he wants to access a foreign website that is inaccessible to viewing in other states – the application will help to achieve what is desired. The main objective of Orbot is to provide the ability to safely navigate the World Wide Web. Thanks to the onion routing technology, the application increases the level of security.

Interesting features

One of the most interesting and convenient features of Orbot is the ability to fully customize the flow of redirected traffic. The user can implement a complete redirection of all traffic or create a separate list of applications installed on the phone, which will be processed by the program in the future. In addition to the Tor client itself, it is recommended to install the Orfox browser, which will provide access to any “onion” sites, and in general the initial settings for working “in conjunction” with this program.

App Features

  • the client is available for free download and installation on Android devices;
  • there is a unique version of the interface;
  • application provides the ability to safely surf the Internet, without worrying about data theft by cybercriminals;
  • there is a function to bypass the blocking of various resources and social networks;
  • the client allows you to encrypt all outgoing traffic or the traffic of individual applications.
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