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Sofeh Sunrise
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41 Mb
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Android 3.2 and above
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ORG 2018 will become your pocket assistant, with whose help you will learn how to make music and eventually become a real professional in this business, or at least have fun. The coolest feature of this mobile application is the ability to connect a MIDI keyboard using a USB cable.

In addition, the program offers many other useful functions, including recording a song, playing it back, saving, and also dubbing. It contains more than 10 sets of percussion sounds and several rows of keyboards. Also, it has the ability to adjust the volume not only for the whole track as a whole, but also for each of the instruments separately. A large library of effects and filters support for importing tools and adjusting their work. Improve sending MP3 files via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE and other popular instant messengers.


Love to listen to music, but always wanted to become on the other side of the music industry, joining those who do not listen to music, but create it? Of course, quite often everything depends on the lack of musical equipment. However, with modern technology, there is no need to wait until you buy a DJ console or synthesizer - just download ORG 2018 on your smartphone! Thanks to convenient functionality and amazing control options, you can enjoy working with the keyboard and create magnificent music that will later be heard by millions of people around the world. Install this application and pull out and Comfort when creating each note. Enjoy the convenient touch screen and tactile sensations at the level of top digital solutions.

Key Features

  • huge library of virtual instruments;
  • the ability to use built-in templates and sound effects;
  • compatibility with an external MIDI keyboard connected via cable;
  • recording songs in a separate file with the ability to specify the parameters thereof;
  • quick sending of created music to friends and family using instant messengers.
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