OPay Digital Services Limited
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Android 5.0 and above
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ORide is a multidisciplinary platform that offers users many features on Android. First of all, you can use a payment service to pay for various goods and services and other activities. You can also rent bicycles, pay for travel time in the application and invite friends to get extra points. Pay for various purchases using the application in order to save extra money. You can also top up your phone to communicate with friends and family without borders. 

Use the application for secure transactions and you will receive your money without additional commission. You can also quickly replenish your bank card, electronic wallet or other options. Use the application to subscribe and watch cable television. Now you can pay any tariffs in just a few clicks. Another interesting feature of the application is the payment of electricity. Now you can transfer the readings of the electric meter and pay online.

New Options

Regular users of the service can count on additional services. This primarily concerns the improvement of the quality of service and the possibility of additional options. You can withdraw funds, place bets on sports and use platforms for investments. Also, users can rent buses, cars and any other equipment. This opens up new possibilities for each client offering. Use unlimited opportunities to improve your life. The application is perfect for those who want to order food at home or other purchases. Just a few clicks and you can get your purchases without leaving home.

App Features

  • fast transactions on Android and replenishment of a bank account;
  • payment of rent for bicycles and purchases in stores;
  • order targeted delivery of food around the city;
  • subscription to cable television and recharge phone;
  • investments, sports betting and withdrawals.
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