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Palm Secret is a multi-functional entertainment application for Android. The utility can automatically age up people on photos. There is also a palm reading and tarot prediction.

Aging filter

This option helps you to see the face changes of any person at 50, 70, and 90 years. The software algorithm analyzes certain spots and lines on the face and shows the result. Premium users can use this option without any limits. Free viewing is also possible, but you have to go through tons of ads.

Face effects

Users can upload photos of themselves and their partners for baby prediction. This option allows you to see the look of your unborn child. Another engaging entertainment format is a magic comic face. It determines which comedian you look like the most. Users have access to the gender challenge and magic animal option.

Palm reading

Palm reading is another exciting activity. You need to activate the smartphone camera and take a picture of your palm. Try to put your hand in a unique shape so that the application can scan all your fingers. You can learn about life, wisdom, feeling, career, and marriage lines. One of the paid options allows you to contact an expert and find out more about your future.

Daily Horoscope

This option is available to every user for free. Just select the zodiac sign. A horoscope includes predictions for three days. A short text and statistics based on four indicators are enjoyable to read. The main indicators are about love, health, wealth, and career.


  • an entertainment app with aging filters & face effects;
  • use daily horoscopes for free;
  • tarot cards and predictions;
  • watch ads to see how your future baby will look like;
  • the app is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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