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Pantrify is a convenient Android app that allows you to add various shopping lists and manage inventory. Create a comfortable manager for storing numerous records and stay on top of all your upcoming purchases.

Shopping lists

Many people are faced with the need to compile various shopping lists and control their daily expenses. With this application, you can significantly speed up the process of buying and selecting various products. Now you do not need to write everything on paper because your Android smartphone can be your best assistant. 

Choose various lists from leave the catalog of goods to buy the necessary things in stores. It is worth noting that you can add a different amount of products and purchases manually or using voice dialing. Control your inventory and add new options to your note sheet.

How to use it?

To use this application, you need to open the main menu and create a new shopping list. Add products by entering the necessary items in your list or scan barcodes. Now you can always sync your shopping lists with cloud storage. It is worth noting that you can configure various settings in a few clicks. Choose the categories and total amount of each item. 

Keeping all the positions in your section, you get a convenient interface that will help in further purchases. Cross out these complete purchases and replenish your entries in the division with saving and refrigerator. Now each trip to the store will be as simplified as possible, and you cannot miss the essential activity.


  • free Android application for shopping lists;
  • control your inventory and add new products;
  • detailed records with the number of items for shopping;
  • code scanner with a large database of goods;
  • convenient interface and voice input option.
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