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Parallels International GmbH
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Parallels Client is a free Android application using which you can manage desktops and programs published with the support of Remote Application Server or RAS for short. Users are provided with secure access to data in Google Chromebook, iOS Mac, Windows and Android, as well as in browsers that support HTML5.


Using the utility presented, users can gain remote access to programs and desktops on a stationary computer directly from their mobile device. It is possible to open corporate applications, as well as adjust and optimize published programs. An on-screen mouse is provided for easy and intuitive navigation. Note that when connecting via SSL, the highest level of protection is guaranteed. Users can work with all virtual desktops and the host PC. In addition, developers have provided universal printing for printers, as well as graphic acceleration using RemoteFX.


By opening the page of the same name, users can adjust the resolution and orientation of the screen, as well as activate the demonstration of the toolbar. In addition, you can set a PIN code or enable fingerprint input, which will increase security. You can deeply tune all components and you can deeply tune all components and systematize the mode of operation depending on your preferences. 

All settings allow you to connect to servers and the user and also use saved passwords. Thanks to reliable protection, you can adjust the security system with an internal code. Thanks to navigation parameters, you can easily independently connect the keyboard and change the resolution. All this will help you manage the application more conveniently.


  • the application allows remote access to desktops and PC programs;
  • for convenient navigation, an on-screen mouse is provided;
  • the utility independently maintains a log for troubleshooting;
  • the application is downloaded and used for free;
  • compatible with all relevant versions of Android.
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