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Payme is an Android application with the option to pay for goods and services online. The utility is available for residents of Uzbekistan with Uzcard cards.


The utility helps to attach a bank card to pay for goods in supermarkets, shops and in any places where contactless payments are accepted. In addition to paying for purchases, services, credit debts and fines, it is also possible to transfer funds to local car inspection.

Contactless payment is possible if there is an NFC smartphone. The utility also allows you to track all transactions and receive free statements. All completed operations are available in categories and filters. Electronic versions of checks can be sent for printing or saved.


Users can make requests to friends or relatives to replenish their account. This is especially true when closest people are left without money, they urgently need help. The utility can send friends a request for a financial transfer. 

To use the utility, you must specify the Uzcard data and connect it to the contactless payment. The application recognizes several cards at once, which allows you to switch between them. This is especially true for budget planning, or when the money on the main card is over. To protect personal data, users can set a password or fingerprint. This will prevent unauthorized access to the application.


  • utility for contactless payment of goods and services;
  • detailed statements of all payments;
  • it is possible to check the history of transactions;
  • free electronic checks for reporting;
  • requests to friends and relatives to replenish the account;
  • the application is compatible with current versions of Android.
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