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PayPal is the largest global payment system. It is aimed at a foreign user, however, it can be useful for a resident of any country if he cooperates with foreign customers or simply wants to use the services of foreign sites where payment is possible only by PayPal. Using the mobile application of this EPS for Android, you can easily pay for the necessary services, send a transfer or receive it.


Please note that in order to use PayPal you need to have a bank card and also link it to a personal account. After that, you can replenish your personal PayPal account and send transfers from your account or “directly” from linked cards. Funds stored in the account can be withdrawn to a card or used to order various types of services or purchase goods. When transferring funds in ruble currency in Russia, there is no commission.

By downloading this application, the user is able to send transfers to more than a hundred countries. PayPal can make a request for a transfer, which will be relevant for those who work remotely. By sending transfers, the user can track the status of the sending, and indeed receive notifications about all the actions occurring on his account. We highly recommend setting a strong password to access your account. Better yet, add fingerprint authorization, which PayPal for Android also supports.

Key Features

  • payment for services and goods on the network;
  • receiving transfers from other users;
  • payment from a personal PayPal account or from a card attached to it;
  • receiving notifications about all actions performed in the client;
  • tracking transaction status in real time and sending transfer requests.
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