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Many Android smartphones still cannot open PDF files by default. It can be a big problem for many people who often edit various forms and documents. Thanks to PDF Editor, you can dramatically improve the situation and turn your smartphone into a desktop.

Open & edit PDFs

It is a free and convenient Android application that supports opening and editing PDF text. Choose any documents or create New to make the necessary changes, change the color of the text, and other nuances. You can also add various photos and copy text. Use templates or original text styles to make your PDF-file unique. You can move various images and efficiently compose real reports. Rotate documents or resize them according to your needs. Here you can underline the text, add annotations or delete unnecessary fragments.

How to add the text here?

Using these applications, you can open and create a new file in PDF-format. Copy any text from the browser or text files to add to the PDF format. You can also underline text, cross out unnecessary options, and mark individual lists. Here you get complete freedom and editing and amending the finished material. It is worth noting that the program adapts to the resolution of the smartphone so you can comfortably work with any file.

It is worth noting that the program is lightweight and compatible with all current versions of the operating system. It allows you to install the program in a few clicks and gain access to reading and editing PDF files.


  • free creation and editing of PDF documents;
  • text customization and image support;
  • change the scale and add comments to files;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android;
  • export files and add PDF in social networks.
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