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PDF Reader is a convenient application that supports a large number of e-book formats and allows you to use your SD card to store data.

How to open books?

This application is perfect for all fans of modern e-books and fans to read interesting literature. First of all, this application for Android devices is convenient with its interface created in the form of a bookshelf. You can place all current books in one place and organize your learning process. 

Bookmark the most important places and save your books for later reading. It is also worth noting that this application allows you to export bookmarks. It is especially convenient for those who often use e-books and want to receive information in the current place. Do not forget that the application stores the browsing history. You can quickly return to a previously read book to restore all the nuances and aspects.

Easy to use the app

You can bookmark specific text fragments and scroll pages to view animations. Use directories and the built-in file browser to access the most important books quickly. Here you can transfer dictionaries and convert text to speech. It is worth noting that the application supports various languages and fonts, which will allow you to comfortably read any book and adjust the brightness in a few clicks. 

Add a unique background to reduce power consumption and activate the option, which reduces the brightness to the level of a regular book. In general, this is a convenient application that will help you read many books every day. A simple Android interface will quickly understand all the functions.


  • free book reader app;
  • support for most modern formats;
  • visual library for all books with covers;
  • import and export bookmarks for easy reading
  • support for current Android versions.
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