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Pedometer is an application to keep fit. The functionality of the Pedometer is fully disclosed in the name of this application. Its main purpose is to measure the number of steps taken by the user. Another program allows you to view data on the calories burned, distance traveled, time and average speed.

The application will work correctly, regardless of where you carry your Android device. The device is allowed to hold in your hand, put it in your pocket or throw in a bag. The pedometer displays statistics for the day, week and month, but at any time you can see statistics for certain days by selecting them on the activity graph.

Before use

Before you start active walking, measure the length of your step and enter this data into the program. This will help you get the most accurate speed and distance data. Otherwise, standard parameters will be used, which may not coincide with yours. To correctly display calorie information, you also need to specify gender, weight and age.

What is the application for?

The Pedometer application will become a loyal assistant for those who decide to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and, without scattering words, immediately got down to business. It will be difficult for an unprepared person to immediately start active sports training if he has not paid attention to them before.
It is better to start by increasing the number and duration of walks, and then move on to more difficult ones. At the first stage, a pedometer will come in handy! He will calculate the necessary number of steps per day, allowing you to maintain a rhythm of activity.

App Features

  • counts steps and calories burned during a walk;
  • displays the collected statistics in the form of graphs;
  • measures steps, even if it is in a pocket or backpack;
  • requires measuring your weight and stride length;
  • works on all modern versions of the Android operating system.
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