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Pekob Browser

Fleava Inc.
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6 Mb
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Android version
Android 4.4 and above
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Pekob Browser is a mobile web browser that is designed for weak smartphones and tablets. The application supports safe browsing of tabs and various sites. You can create an unlimited number of tabs and bookmarks to simplify navigation. The browser supports html5 technology so that you can visit protected sites and display all animated screensavers correctly. Just navigating helps users find the content they need. Open sites, search for necessary content and download documents. You can watch YouTube and other video services to play content online. Read the news and bookmark. 

The small size of the Android application is an advantage, because you do not need a lot of space to install. It is worth noting that the browser has an ascetic interface and intuitively convenient tabs. You can visit any sites, run audio and video and download files. The program is devoid of bulky add-ons, so you get a fast and convenient browser without additional restrictions. Fast search, web surfing security and support for modern encryption technologies guarantee you network security.

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The application simplifies downloading files and documents. Today click and you will receive the necessary document for future use. You can open all tabs and sites very quickly without restrictions. Due to the lack of a cumbersome interface, you get a clean browser that works much faster than modern counterparts. This simplifies many tasks and daily activities. Download files, listen to music or watch videos online.

App Features

  • the Android browser for viewing websites;
  • ascetic interface and small size;
  • HTML5 support and easy navigation;
  • safe browsing option for users;
  • download files and switch between viewing modes.
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