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Personal diary ideas is an Android application with ideas for creating handwritten notes and diaries.

First steps

Many people keep personal diaries and record important life moments. But the process of graphic design can cause several difficulties. This utility helps you choose ready-made templates for coloring pages and set the format. Developers offer a set of motivational entries as for the first page. The phrase is supposed to motivate the author of the diary.

You also can choose a calendar format. The app has a set of sketches for the whole year and each month separately. A separate tab includes phone numbers and birthdays of people close to you. Users can create a to-do list or set of plans for the year ahead.

Mood tracker

This diary idea allows you to create an original indicator. You can draw a scale with several color ranges. It will best convey the general mood. Paint it with green, yellow, red, or other colors. It is a good option for creative people who need to express their feelings. Mood tracker will help you keep track of your emotions from the past day and remember special emotions.

Additional options

The app has several free tips on how to compose textual information correctly. The authors of the utility compiled a set of basic rules for expressing thoughts on paper. They allow you to transfer the emotional component and feel easier. Users can redraw all stylish pictures in the diary or use their own best practices to create a unique diary.


  • an application with ideas for creating a paper diary;
  • tips for drawing, design sections, and data;
  • the utility is available for download for free;
  • the app has an offline database;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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