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Personal diary ideas

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Personal diary ideas is a free Android application with original ideas for creating a personal diary.

Basic tips

This Android application contains valuable information on the design of personal diaries. Beginners do not know where to start, so here is the basic information on the start page. Choose a stylish or motivational inscription, calendar or birthday information for friends and relatives. Write about your plans for the year, travel and other activities in a generalized form.

A mood tracker may be of interest to creative people. Create color segments with mood indicators and describe your emotions. The process of preparing such a page itself helps to abstract from everyday routine.

Desires and Thoughts

One of the reasons for creating a personal diary is to analyze and preserve all the thoughts that visited you for the day. The application contains tips and tricks on how to properly arrange all emotional experiences and set goals for the year. Here you will find valuable recommendations for creating recordings with the happiest moments.

You can re-read them and re-experience positive emotions. Write down the most relevant quotes and make them the title line for the new section in the diary. Separate sketches and sketches can be more informative than a page of text. Make drawings or leave thematic emoticons at the end of the day.


  • free application with tips for maintaining a personal diary;
  • types of pages with examples of subjects and pictures with design;
  • tips with motivational quotes and sketching examples;
  • lists and trackers, as well as the ability to work without the Internet;
  • full support for all relevant versions of Android.
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