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Philips TV Remote is a utility for controlling and switching channels on Philips TVs.

How does it work?

The utility allows you to replace a conventional control panel and perform its functions. It is compatible exclusively with Philips TVs. Old TVs are not supported

The utility completely copies the remote with touch buttons and modes. The menu contains the synchronization mode with the set-top box and programming channels. You can set a reminder to record the broadcast or record a video. You can use voice commands to switch channels and select additional functions.

The utility allows you to stream photos and videos to the TV screen. It allows you to edit the content on a large screen. The picture duplication function allows you to play streams with sound on a TV with a minimum delay.

Connection format

The process of finding available TVs is automatic. To do this, turn on the Wi-Fi network and select the desired device. The option to manually enter a network address is also available if the synchronization process is not possible in automatic mode.

It is worth noting that the utility is provided free of charge for all users. To speed up the broadcast, users can choose the quality of the video stream, configure the notification panel and voice messages. Detailed instructions will help you understand possible synchronization problems. It is also not recommended to move away from the TV more than 15 meters not to lose the signal.


  • utility for controlling TVs and set-top boxes Philips;
  • channel switching, air recording, and playback settings;
  • option to broadcast photos and videos to a TV screen;
  • the utility is available free of charge for each user;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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