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Phoenix Browser

Shalltry Group
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8 Mb
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Android version
Android 4.4 and above
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Phoenix Browser is a modern Android browser that helps you quickly load various websites and set up private browsing anywhere. Upload online videos, search for interesting products on the Internet and enjoy media content. The application has a convenient interface that allows you to block ads and provides anonymous viewing of various sites. You can quickly download and manage files in one repository. 

This is convenient because you do not waste time finding other files. The browser is protected by encryption technology so you can easily hide your identity and travel incognito sites. Thanks to synchronization with your account, you can quickly import all bookmarks and browsing history. Now you do not need to remember passwords and any other data as the system automatically saves all the contents. Add shortcuts to the home page so as not to miss important updates and download sites in one click.

Great Functionality

A web browser allows you to quickly download files and set up a data system. Now you can get quick access to various services for viewing video and audio. Fast typing system allows you to display data and website addresses in a few clicks. Built-in video player allows you to view any video in a browser. It is also worth noting the ability to select search services in the application. Now you can get the most reliable results for keywords. Open files, download Internet resources and enjoy unlimited viewing of content.

App Features

  • the Android web browser with ad blocking;
  • widgets on the main screen for quick access;
  • synchronization of history and passwords;
  • user protection and anonymous mode;
  • user-friendly interface and multi-bookmarking system.
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