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Photo Grid

Cheetah Mobile (Photo Editor)
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42 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
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Photo Grid is an original Android application that will help you improve your photos and create incredible combinations of graphic elements. Create a photo collage, retouch your selfies, develop the background in photographs precisely these aspect ratios. All filters and settings are available in a few clicks. There are more than 60 filters to help you add a specific color palette and enhance your photo. 

90 predefined background images change the overall picture of the photo and allow you to create the desired image. An intelligent retouching system will help you select various skin efects, improve makeup and create an incredible look. Thanks to this application you can surprise your friends and relatives and create a unique image. Choose the necessary filters or effect to start the changes.

Create Excellent Pictures

The application is perfect for those who want to use filters and various animated screensavers in order to improve graphic content. Add graffiti text images and any other effects to focus on various aspects of the photo. There are many filters and special elements to create first-class images. Change the format and style of the photo in one click. There are many effects, extra settings and the ability to change graphic textures. Change the font and style to impress your friends. Use special effects to help you change your photo in real time. It is a great application that is suitable for many creative people. Here you can realize all your desires and conceptual ideas.

App Features

  • application for editing photos on Android;
  • create a photo collage, blur the background and add effects;
  • retouching and makeup enhancement tools;
  • intelligent face recognition system;
  • many filters and templates for photos.
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