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Photomath Scan math
Photomath Solutions

Photomath is an Android app with the ability to solve math problems.

Arithmetic operations

Users can learn how to solve various mathematical problems without the help of a teacher. Thus, you can improve your knowledge of mathematics, prepare for tests or for entrance exams to the university.
Using the utility is quite simple. Users need to scan text using the camera on a smartphone or tablet. The finished photo is analyzed by a scientific calculator. Step-by-step solutions are available. So, students can see the correct solution to the example. Some tasks have several solution methods to choose from.

Themes and sections

Photomath has many topics in algebra and geometry that will help students master a particular material. There is a database on arithmetic, trigonometry, the solution of inequalities, functions and equations. It’s easy to use.

The database is updated monthly and includes relevant tasks for schoolchildren and students. Access to solving equations is free. A detailed solution of the thematic sections of the school teaching methodology will help to further consolidate the material covered at school.

Text recognising

Best of all, the application analyzes printed characters. Enough to bring the camera for instant reading. Handwritten text must be written carefully for error-free scanning. If the automatic mode does not work, then you can use the smart calculator and enter the values in person.


  • application for solving mathematical problems;
  • option of photographing and scanning tasks;
  • database with various types of solutions;
  • engineering calculator and feature selection;
  • the Android app is available for free.
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