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The Piano is a great app to learn how to play a musical instrument. Have you wanted to learn a musical instrument for a long time, but there was no opportunity to try? Install the Piano app on your Android smartphone or tablet and practice until you get a real piano.

Despite the name of the program, implying that the user can learn to play only one musical instrument, the application allows you to master others! The list of available virtual instruments includes not only keyboards – piano, piano, harpsichord, organ, but also strings – guitar, cello and harp. You can play them as something classic or modern.


To play, you do not have to look for a text version of the work on the Internet, because the application contains a built-in library of popular songs and compositions. However, not all of them will be available when using the free version of the Piano. Interestingly, the program allows you to not only learn how to play various tunes, but also record your own. The recorded composition can be shared with friends and relatives by sending it using instant messengers or clients of social networks.

The application has several game modes – Magic Tiles and Magic Keys. In order not to concentrate on serious training, you can use these built-in games – they will briefly distract you and amuse you, while at the same time teaching you some new interesting tunes.

Key Features

  • allows you to learn how to play virtual musical instruments;
  • possible to play both keyboard and string instruments;
  • built-in catalog of classical and modern melodies for training;
  • allows you to record your own melody and share it;
  • contains several mini-games where training takes place in a playful way.
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