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Picture Chinese Dictionary

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Android 4.3 and above
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Picture Chinese Dictionary is the easiest and most convenient way to learn Chinese. Now you can study the various characters, the correct pronunciation and meaning of each image. The application runs on the basis of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It helps provide users with the most simple and intuitive interface to learn Chinese and quickly recognize vocabulary and grammar. The application has convenient color schemes that simplify the reproduction and understanding of hieroglyphs. 

Use the correct interpretation of hieroglyphs and a repetition system that helps you quickly remember all aspects of the language. The application also has a special program that guarantees a deep understanding of Chinese and a quick interpretation of hieroglyphs in practice. You will enjoy the simple and easy interface as well as the innovative Chinese language learning format. This program is suitable for beginners and those who already have their first training experience. The new technique has no analogues and allows you to quickly learn Chinese.

New Experience

You will get a powerful base for learning Chinese and can understand all the characters. It is worth noting that each character has a certain meaning and can be composed with various combinations. All this is very important for the final understanding of the Chinese language, culture and dialects. Knowing the basic set of characters you can read newspapers, communicate with people but simple topics and understand a lot of information. It is very important for those who are going to travel around China or get acquainted with Chinese literature.

App Features

  • simple and convenient Android application for learning Chinese;
  • artificial intelligence based system;
  • quick repetition and interpretation of grammar;
  • system for beginners and students with an average level;
  • graphic design to speed up the process.
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