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Android 5.0
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Pioneer Smart Sync is an Android application with the ability to control Pioneer audio systems.

Main functions

The utility is designed for complete control of car speakers. The process of connecting a smartphone to the audio system is using a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. After the devices are synchronized, you can adjust the sound format of the music: select car type, number of speakers, equalizer settings, and general effects.

You can set up a subwoofer for each seat by simulating the conditions of a cafe or club. Users can change the color of the characters on the display. Customization is also available for general screensavers on the audio system. Most features support voice control.

Additional options

In addition to music, the utility displays the date and time. Drivers can monitor the current speed of the car and display the weather forecast. One of the options helps to process any song and improve quality thanks to filters. Fans of karaoke can connect to audio system and mute the artist’s voice on the recording. Users can allow the application access to contacts for hands-free communication. This improves driver safety.

The text playback option will help you to read SMS when you are driving. The utility can synchronize with navigators and display the route on the screen of the audio system. The voice assistant option helps you switch tracks, answer calls, and search for information on the Internet.


  • an application to connect with Pioneer audio systems;
  • setting sound effects and graphic equalizer;
  • voice assistant for calls and reading SMS;
  • the utility is available free of charge;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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