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Planner 5D

Planner 5D
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Planner 5D is an application for visualizing an apartment or house plan. Decided to start the repair? Do you want to buy an apartment and are you planning its decoration? So, you just need to install Planner 5D on your Android device. Planner 5D contains tools that can be useful in virtual planning of the interior, as well as landscape design of the territories adjacent to the house. In order to get a three-dimensional model of the premises, you must first draw a plan. After that, the application automatically converts it into virtual rooms.

To fill rooms with furniture and interior elements, Planner 5D has a library of ready-made objects. Choosing any of them, the user can arrange objects in necessary places, control their size, rotate, and also edit their texture and color. To share your project with other people, take pictures of the rooms and publish them in any of the applications installed on your smartphone or simply send a photo in a private dialogue.

What is the application used for?

The Planner 5D application is useful for those who plan to repair their home or purchase furniture and other necessary things for a new home. Forget about drawing plans on a piece of paper! You can quickly and accurately visualize your ideas for decor using Planner 5D, as well as make a plan of your home – and all this right from your smartphone! The client does not require any special skills in interior design, planning and other things. The only thing you need to be able to – at least approximately understand how to “outline” the plan of an apartment or a private house.

App Features

  • integrated library of furniture and other interior elements;
  • the presence of the buttons “Cancel” and “Repeat”, simplifying the work on the project;
  • creating screenshots of a 3D model of the created plan;
  • several ready-made templates on the basis of which you can create your own layout;
  • instant switching between a 2D plan and a 3D model.
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