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PlantNet is an application for Android that lets you identify species in the flora around you. 

Botanical analysis with a phone 

There countless plants growing around, especially when you are out of the city. Each of them has its own name and qualities, and some even can be unknown to modern science. 

With this app, you can get identification and all the needed information just by taking a photo. 

You have to open the application and click the camera button on the main screen. Point the lens on the species and choose a category it belongs to. It can be leaf, flower, fruit, bark, habit or other if you have no idea what can it be. Your photo will be analyzed and you will be shown suggestions on what the plant of yours is. There will be pictures made by other users, so when you find the one most similar you can determine what you have in front of you. 

There is the ability to rate every suggestion so the app would get better with the identification process. 

If you don’t have any plants around at the moment, but you have a photo of it saved for your Instagram, it’s possible to identify the species with it. 

Helping the science 

The application has an enormous database of the world flora. People from all over the world send their photos and scientists categorize it accordingly. 

You can improve your knowledge of Botanics by searching through local materials. They comfortably divided into different subjects, like weeds, useful plants, invasive plants and so on. 

If you use this app and add new species that grow around you to the collection, you help the science. 


  • ability to identify plants that you find;
  • you can use the camera on your phone to take photos;
  • a huge database of flora;
  • helps to improve your botanical knowledge;
  • download free for Android.
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