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PlantSnap is an application for Android that lets you recognize the species of the plant in front of you by the picture of it. 

Getting the image

The app uses a photo that you can take with the camera on your device. Ensure that the main object can be seen clearly. The light is very important, so if there is not enough of it you will be advised to use the flash option. The right focus and framing are very important either. Also, there is a recommendation not to limit the image only to the one leaf, because there are too many plants with similar ones. You should try to get the full picture. 

After you are finished with the photo it will be automatically analyzed and you will be informed on all possible variants. When you find the correct options you are allowed to read articles on it from the local database. It works like the app called BirdNET, but this one works with sounds and identifies birds with it. 

The library of the species is available any time and you can search there for the needed information.

Exploration and community 

There is also an opportunity to learn something new about the flora in your region. The application has the map, that automatically locates you and shows the points nearby where certain plants can be found. Along with it, you can search for the gardens near you.

Moreover, there is an option to find a friend who has the same interest as you. People from all over the world use this app to share information on plants they find and to gain new knowledge on the flora. So you can find some active users and chat with them on subjects connected to their posts. 


  • helps you to identify the plant by the picture of it;
  • lets you take photos with your devices;
  • allows locating interesting species around you;
  • you can find new friends with a similar hobby; 
  • free download for Android. 


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