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PLINK is a new application for gamers that allows you to chat in a group voice chat, as well as find partners for the game. It provides stable and high-quality communication and at the same time consumes a minimum of system resources. This version of the voice client is designed for Android devices. In addition to it, PLINK has versions for other popular mobile and desktop operating systems.

When you first use the application, you will have to bind an account to it in Twitch, Steam, Playstation Network, Origin, Uplay, Xbox Live or another popular game service. After that, it remains only to choose a nickname. The application will “pull up” friends and game statistics automatically.

As in other popular voice communication client – Discord, PLINK supports chat rooms. In addition, the application allows you to send private messages to users and form groups (groups) of friends. Among other useful things, we note the ability to share screenshots from games and view the news feed from other users.

Teammate Selection

In the new version, the PLINK application has learned to use neural networks to search for optimal partners. When selecting, the hidden rating of the user, his playing style and many other important parameters are taken into account. In general, the local algorithms work quite accurately.

App Features

  • makes it possible to communicate in voice and text chat, as well as create chat rooms;
  • automatically “pulls up” friends from popular gaming services;
  • collects game statistics and presents them in the form of graphs;
  • allows you to share screenshots and thoughts in a personal news feed;
  • works on all current versions of the Android operating system.
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