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The size
36,5 Mb
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Android version
Android 4.1
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Plus Messenger is a Telegram-based messenger that allows you to chat with friends and family without limits.

Connect with friends

Here you can send text messages, emoji emoticons. You can use more than 20 languages ​​to change account settings. Use personal chats and groups to chat with friends and relatives. Channels and individual works will help you distribute your product or become interesting in the network. 

You can connect to 10 accounts simultaneously and be online everywhere. Use sorting cheats and add new stickers that you like. A pop-up notification system will allow you always to be aware of various updates and information from friends. Forward these messages in one click and copy the necessary text to the clipboard.

Start Messaging

The app consumes a minimum of traffic and allows you to stay online with your friends. Here you can share files and arrange video conferencing. Thanks to the convenient video conferencing setup format, all your friends will be able to communicate with you without restrictions. 

Add and edit contact names to always be in touch with your friends. Here you can save various information and share data with other people using telegram channels. Configure different playback options for content and collect important data online. Here you can use the universal multi-purpose interface for communication and information exchange. Now you can enjoy unlimited communication and comfortable use of this social network.


  • application for communication between Android users;
  • free registration and sending messages;
  • share stickers and save files in the history of correspondence;
  • up to 10 online accounts with switching in a few clicks;
  • rename contacts and create groups.
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