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PocketBook is an Android application that helps you read books of any format. Open e-books in the app and read them without restrictions.

All books in one place

Many owners of Android devices like to read literature while on the bus or train. It helps to pass the time and get a lot of pleasant pleasures. Unfortunately, the constant carrying of ordinary physical books is several inconveniences. This application will help you forget about physical media and use your smartphone as the primary reading device. 

It is worth noting that this proposal recognizes various formats of electronic books and comics. You can run multiple PDF files and edit them. Read books and add bookmarks. So you can return to the previous chapters and read the essential information.


The text-to-speech option allows you to voice any e-book and enjoy audio formats automatically. Now you no longer need to read books yourself. The built-in speaker helps you get all the information and enjoy everyday activities. The application has a convenient interface and multifunctional parameters that are suitable for each user.

The application has a convenient interface so that you can quickly switch between different e-books and choose the most comfortable reading format. Customize the font and other settings to get the best quality for everyday use. Also, the application allows you to play ready-made audiobooks and customize them, depending on your preferences. Download any audiobook to your smartphone, and they will automatically appear in the application.


  • an e-book reader for Android devices;
  • support for 19 formats of books and comics with drawings;
  • free text-to-speech option for all users;
  • convenient bookmarked interface;
  • connection to cloud services for downloading books.
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