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POLY is an Android application with editing options.

Almost like a Polaroid

The utility is designed to process graphic content. The main functionality is related to setting filters, effects and presets. Users can style photos under square cards from the time of film cameras. The retro photo effect is achieved by cropping the image on the sides and adding a white frame.

The utility library has about 12 frames for adding to the screen. In addition, users can add pictures to form collages and use the built-in effects. All of them are available for free. You can store processed photos in the device’s gallery or friends on social networks. It is worth noting that filters do not reduce the quality of photos. You can also undo applied effects to start over.

Graphic Settings

Most effects and filters are designed to simulate old photos and have one thing in common. It concerns soft halftones, the effect of fading and dull glare on the sides of the photo. This is for styling purposes. You can also add artifacts, sepia, or distortion to any part. A simple interface allows you to quickly select multiple presets.

You can also use the utility to connect directly to the printer over the network. In the settings there is an instruction on how to send a photo for printing and configure its parameters. The application has a convenient and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly deal with various settings.


  • application for processing and editing photos;
  • imitation of retro pictures with a choice of aspect ratio;
  • synchronization with the printer to create physical copies;
  • you can download the utility for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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