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Prepear is an application for Android that gives you access to the database with different recipes.

Getting started 

When you start the app for the first time you are required to create an account. You can do it with your Facebook page or use an email address, for example, Gmail.

After you are logged in you are asked if you have any allergies. Recipes that contain products you can't eat are automatically excluded. 

Then you are supposed to tell if you are on any diet currently. If you are a vegetarian or trying to lose some weight in-app content is arranged accordingly. 

Now you can start discovering new ideas for you meals in the local database. It has countless positions and convenient tools for searching and filtering. 

There are also posts written by users and experienced cooks that you can read and follow. 

Along with it, there is a big collection of cookbooks that can be bought and used whenever you need them.

Planning and shopping 

There is also a tool called Planner that helps you to keep your recipes in order and always have something to cook. You can add meals to the calendar and get notifications and reminders. It's also possible to see the history and find out what have you been cooking at a certain period of time. 

Moreover, the application allows you to buy needed ingredients and products online. You can open the Shopping list tab and add everything that is required for the recipe. Then it's possible to start purchasing it in Walmart or save the list and get what you need in any store offline. 


  • you can explore in-app database that contains a lot of different recipes;
  • there are many cookbooks you can buy;
  • it's possible to plan your meals with the special tool;
  • lets you add items to the shopping list;
  • free download for Android. 
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