ProgTV Android

ProgTV Android

Andrey Borodin (Prog)
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29 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
ProgTV Android IPTV optionsProgTV Android IPTV

ProgTV Android is a convenient application for watching TV and radio on Android. Channels connected via the Internet or a local network. You can connect to IPTV television and tune in various channels. Thus, there are many automatic tunes, the possibility of customization, and other settings. Also, you can combine multiple TV channels, configure the link, and broadcast quality. Record any video broadcasts and set up a task scheduler. 

There are also subtitles and detailed information about each channel. You can use the multifunctional interface to enter the necessary data and find the channels. Use the equalizer and frequency spectrum to set up a television broadcast. There are many convenient functions that you can customize as you wish. Now you can enjoy high-quality television channels without restrictions. Choose the most exciting viewing formats.

UDP-proxy & Other Stuff

This program is easy to use and offers the most comprehensive functionality on the market. You don’t have to configure the channels for a long time because the one-time mode allows you to select all the necessary parameters. It is worth noting that IPTV support is carried out at the software level so that you can watch TV channels without problems of high quality. Choose the most exciting broadcast format and switch between channels in one click. Picture quality allows you to enjoy videos on smartphones and tablets. It is an excellent option for home use.

App Features

  • application for viewing TV channels and radio on Android;
  • full access to IPTV and various settings inside the app;
  • task scheduler and the ability to record broadcasts;
  • subtitle system and detailed channel information;
  • equalizer, favorites lists, and quick access to content.
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