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20 Mb
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Android 5.0 and above
ProtonVPN free webProtonVPN secured vpn

ProtonVPN is a vpn service on Android that provides users with maximum protection against hacking and identification of Internet providers. Now you can visit all blocked sites in your country, remain incognito and gain access without any speed limit to various Internet resources. You can view the content on streaming services, upload files and visit websites bypassing the blocking of government agencies and Internet providers. 

Choose any server around the world and get speeds without restrictions and additional settings. The company is based in Switzerland. It gives you a guarantee of complete confidentiality and protection of your personal data. The company does not keep records of the activity of each user, so you can count on maximum anonymity. This means that no stranger can get detailed information about you and you will be fully protected.

Get Access to Every Site

Thanks to this vpn service, you can easily access any site regardless of your territorial location. Register on any services, download files or watch media content. Now you can use social networks, video hosting and cloud storage without restrictions. Connect to various network capabilities and get full access to free internet. Now no one can limit you and dictate to you a format the use of Internet technology. Connect to various types of resources and protect your personal data. The application is fully compatible with many Android smartphones and allows you to launch all the necessary Internet connections in a few clicks.

App Features

  • reliable VPN service on Android;
  • real-time connection protection;
  • thousands of servers around the world;
  • bypass blocking and restrictions of providers;
  • protection in public Wi-Fi networks.
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