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Android 4.4 and above
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Proxynel is an application that acts as a VPN service. Thanks to this program, you can unlock access to a different website and download documents without restrictions. The system allows you to bypass the regional blocking of the provider and government agencies. You can also protect your privacy as much as possible and travel anonymously through sites. Now you can block location tracking, and no one can find you. You can use social networks and video services as well as any programs for downloading content. The convenient browser allows you to switch between sites and speed up page loading. 

No one will be able to use a firewall for your geolocation. This application is designed for smartphones and tablets and offers a convenient interface that protects each user. It is worth noting that the system supports various versions of Android and the voice search function. You can hide your IP address and use a proxy server. It is worth noting that this is an excellent application for residents of China and the United Arab Emirates. You can use this program for free and protect yourself from online tracking. Sites are unblocked in a few clicks, which allows you not to worry about technical parameters.

Web Protection

In addition to the option to unlock sites, you get a powerful tool to protect your smartphone or tablet. Now No one will be able to find out your location, personal data, or other statistics. Thanks to bypassing locks, you get a reliable tool for finding relevant content, and you can be sure of your anonymity. Enjoy the internet without restriction in its original form. It is worth noting that the application is free and does not require you to register or use personal data.

App Features

  • unlock sites in one click on Android;
  • convenient setup and selection of protective equipment;
  • hide your IP address without problems;
  • the ability to download media content without restrictions;
  • prohibition of geolocation tracking.
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