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Aaditya Agrawal
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PulledOver is an application for Android that can secure your encounters with law enforcement.

Notifying people you trust 

This app can help you if you are stopped by the police officer when riding in your car or just walking. 

It works in a very simple way. You don’t even have to create a personal account like in many other applications as Wowcher, for example.

When you open it for the first time you are only required to enter the number of the person you trust the most. He or she will be immediately notified when needed. 

If you are getting pulled over it’s possible to run the app and start to take a video of the incident. Be advised that you are supposed to give access to the camera prior to it. 

Once you are done with the shooting you can send the message for the person whose contact you have saved before. He or she will get information about your exact location at the moment and will be warned. 

Find witnesses 

This application provides you with the ability not only to reach out to the person you know but to share your experience with people from all over the world.

After you prepared the video you are asked if you want to show it to other users. If you agree it is uploaded to servers and can’t be deleted anymore. 

You also can see the content other people share and send it to your friends if you see something worth telling. If someone uploaded a video that doesn't correspond with rules of the community it is possible to report it and moderators will take it down. 


  • you can use this app to notify people you trust once stopped by the police;
  • it allows you to take the video of the incident;
  • it's possible to share your experience with other users;
  • lets you watch content made by other people;
  • free download for Android.
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