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Pulse is an Android application for managing your account at booking.com. Property owners can place ads and rent it out.

Options for users

The utility helps property owners control their income and room reservation statistics. It’s for hotel owners, travel agencies, and homeowners. Statistics show the total number of rented rooms, check-in dates, and general reviews about the quality of service.

Online chat allows you to communicate with customers and guests to resolve various issues and provide additional services. A template system helps automate responses and publish relevant information.

Also, property owners can track their income, general booking information, and plan upcoming events thanks to the online calendar.

Registration procedure

This app requires registration on the Booking portal. Therefore it is necessary to go through the identity verification step and gain access to accommodation on the platform. After entering all the information required, owners of houses, hotels, and hostels can manage statistics.

Main cons

Application users report frequent crashes in the customer registration system. Sometimes blocked numbers in the application are easily booked on the site. Some notifications appear late. The main claims relate to monthly delays in the payment of rent of hotel rooms and apartments. The utility also sends daily reports, even if nobody rents the property. This option cannot be disabled.


  • utility for entrepreneurs who work with Booking.com;
  • a menu with statistical information and online chat with customers;
  • a calendar with the dates of check-in;
  • the application can be downloaded and used for free;
  • full compatibility with current versions of Android.
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