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Android 5.0
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QmailClient is a convenient application that allows you to open NAS mail any time on your smartphone. Here you can track current emails and recent activity.

Smart NAS main anywhere

This Android application is an excellent solution for those who want to use an alternative mailbox and get all the necessary settings. It is a great application that helps you hide your location, use NAS for quick connections. Use a large repository to post files here and track all your current servers. It is worth noting that the standard inbox consists of various servers, as well as archived partitions. 

You can store unnecessary letters in the basket and send documents with attached files in a few clicks. It is worth noting that the interface has a convenient and stylish format that will allow you to track all unread incoming letters and archive unnecessary parameters. There is also a turbo download folder and several parameters that will allow you to configure your protection and two-factor authentication.

Android Mail Storage

The application interface is very convenient and intuitive for each user. Here you can combine several disc storages in one place and synchronize mail. Connect remotely and access various archiving settings for the data policy setting. Here you can reconfigure all the options in a few clicks thanks to the intuitive graphical interface. Now not one parameter will not cause you discomfort without access to the central server.


  • email management application;
  • synchronization and file sharing with NAS storages;
  • free function to automatically save mail;
  • compatibility with current Android devices;
  • fast synchronization with servers at any time.
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