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Color Phone Team & QR code scanner
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Android 4.1
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Information about any product is contained in QR codes and barcodes. To decrypt them, you will need a special Android application, called QR Code Reader Free. Scan the QR code and barcode using the camera on your smartphone.


The main free function of the application is the decryption of codes. For example, you can scan goods in supermarkets. So, you will find out their authenticity and general information. To start scanning, click on the green button. The opened camera window contains frames in the center. Point the lens at the QR code or barcode. Use the flash icon if the room or outdoors is not light enough for scanning.

The orange button contains a list of recognized codes. You can share the results on social networks, or copy information to the clipboard of your Android smartphone. The history shows the date of the scan. If the code contains a link, then users can go to the site using the built-in browser. The third purple button is responsible for the notification settings and privacy policy.

Code Recognition Quality

The application quickly scans the printed QR and barcodes. Bring the smartphone’s camera to a product on a shelf, the screen of another electronic device, or graffiti on the wall. The process of recognizing information takes less than a second. The received data is automatically saved in the history. The only drawbacks of the application are the lack of the Russian language and the ability to create your own codes.


  • scan QR codes and barcodes using the smartphone’s camera;
  • automatic detection of information and links;
  • using the scan function for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android;
  • optional backlight mode for code recognition.
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