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QR Code Reader

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Android 4.0 and above
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QR Code Reader is an application designed to “decrypt” QR codes using the camera built into the Android device. The QR Scanner application is able not only to help the user “decrypt” the QR code, but also be able to cope with more common barcodes. Using it is much more convenient than downloading two separate applications for working with barcodes and QR codes, because such an option allows you to save space on your smartphone and not make unnecessary movements by switching between several programs.

Using the QR Code Reader is so simple that it will be possible for an inexperienced user who has not previously dealt with reading information encrypted in QR codes and barcodes. Even if you are holding a smartphone for the first time, the application will be easy to figure out!

To scan the desired object, point the Android device’s camera at it and wait until the program identifies the code in front of the lens and shows you its contents. To do this, you do not need to click on any buttons, nor take photos or scale the code. Using the QR Scanner, you can decode not only barcodes on products in stores and supermarkets or hypermarkets, but also recognize information hidden in travel guides, read personal information enclosed in a QR code (email address, contacts, etc.) ), find out your Wi-Fi password and much more. In order for the program to interpret the read information in a text version, a network connection is required.

App Features

  • reading of absolutely all types of QR and barcodes (URL, ISBN, text);
  • instant scan without long focusing;
  • simple and intuitive interface in Russian;
  • storage of history with recognized information;
  • compatibility with all current versions of the Android operating system.
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