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Quizlet is an application that helps you forget foreign languages in the game mode. Here you will use cards and various mini-games to memorize different words and phrases.

How to use it?

The principle of operation of this application is straightforward. You need to use Pasha’s logic in order to answer questions on cards and prepare for various exams correctly. This application allows you to quickly switch between different mini-games and memorize information in game mode. Also, here you can track your current Progress and statistics about other players. Learn new sections and the correct pronunciation of any word. 

Here you will learn new vocabulary. You will be able to study various subjects and get high results based on test results. Listen to the correct pronunciation of different words and remember them. Here you can create your cards to educate your friends and acquaintances. The application provides a convenient game mode that allows you to accurately and in detail, remember a large amount of information.

Start Learning

Thanks to the convenient interface and correctly drawn up task, you can count on effective learning of various languages and the ability to get the necessary information in a short period. This application will allow you to complement your regular educational process with new ideas and mini-games. 

It is worth noting that this is more effective than the standard training format as you compete with other players and get motivation for every day. In general, this proposal is recommended for all age categories who want to get the basic knowledge of foreign languages and consolidate the result in a game form.


  • application for learning foreign languages;
  • free cards and tasks every day;
  • the in-depth study of the basics of syntax and grammar;
  • compatibility with current Android versions;
  • the ability to create cards on any topic.
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