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Quran sahihQuran yusuf ali

The Quran is an Android application that will become your guide to the world of Islam. Read the Quran, quote the best sayings of the Prophet Magomed and get detailed information about the historical aspects of the book. The application contains the ability to reproduce text and translation into 20 languages. This will help you better know the contents of this book and get answers to those religious questions that interest you. Read the book and bookmark it in order to return to reading in the future. 

You can also mark individual sections of the text if you consider them to be especially important to yourself. The app has a sharing option. This means that you and your friends can read the Quran at the same time and share their impressions. Leave feedback and suggestions and create for yourself a new world of religious education. A user-friendly interface and an autoplay system will help you enjoy all the nuances of the Quran. The book is conveniently divided into separate parts that will help you get detailed information and get acquainted with all the contents of the book.

The Great Book

This application will help you learn more about the life of the Prophet Magomed, various religious characteristics of Islam and general information that is interesting to everyone. Enjoy unlimited viewing and study of this religion. This is a simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to open text documents and leave bookmarks for re-reading. Get new features with this application in one click.

App Features

  • the Quran on Android with translation into 20 languages;
  • system of notes and bookmarks for re-reading;
  • custom font and user-friendly interface;
  • voice playback to listen to each sura;
  • sharing the Quran with your friends.
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