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Radio Garden is an original application for listening to radio stations in the shape of planet Earth.

World radio

The main goal of the developers of this Android application is to provide access to all radio stations for free. Each user can rotate a three-dimensional globe and automatically connect to listening to radio stations. You just need to move the marker to the desired mark. A special location search option allows you to play all the nearest radio stations in your area.

The application database includes more than seventeen thousand stations with automatic connection. Each channel can be added to favorites to listen at any convenient time. The list with the best channels is unlimited in number of entries. The application is regularly updated, so the list of radio stations is growing. Separately, it is worth noting the lock function of a particular station. This allows you to listen to music while viewing the global map.

Global map

In addition to the radio, users of this Android application can use the zoom option to view the smallest objects on the map. Thanks to green markers with radio stations, anyone can learn about population density and cultural characteristics. In addition to adding your favorite radio stations to your favorites list, each user of the application can share bookmarks with friends on social networks.

Listen to the radio and enjoy high-quality broadcasts organized by radio stations around the world. It is an alternative to the global digital broadcasting system that is available to every user of a smartphone or tablet.


  • application with radio stations around the world;
  • three-dimensional model of a ball with countries and channels with music;
  • free listening to music and news;
  • compatibility with relevant versions of Android;
  • minimum consumption of Internet traffic.
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