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5 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
Railcard get your railcard
Railcard store on up to two devices

Railcard is an Android app that helps you buy train tickets at a discount. Create a Railcard and add it to your smartphone. It will allow you to save on every trip and get favorable discounts. You no longer have to queue for a ticket. Online purchase is a quick and straightforward process. Save your tickets on your smartphone, not to show this to the conductor. You can save railway maps and various routes for your family and friends. 

Download applications, and you can simplify the work with all railway services. Now you do not need to wait or take any additional action. All Railcard operations are done online. This card is available without an internet connection, so you can always solve your technical issues. Add other profiles on various devices to stay up to date with all the events. The application is straightforward to use. All you need to do is create your profile and gain access to purchase train tickets. Like him, you can always bind your profile to two devices and enjoy the freedom of movement.

Best Way to Book Tickets

Thanks to this application, you can save some time and money. Create your profile in one click, and you will get access to the purchase of train tickets at a bargain price. Use your profile to travel fast and get more valuable benefits. It is your digital ticket to the world of rail travel. Discover new locations and learn a lot of new things. The application works without an internet connection, so you can always show your tickets to the conductor. Use all the advantages of the app, and get a lot of positive emotions.

App Features

  • get Railcard on Android in a few clicks;
  • offline access to your data everywhere;
  • upload it on two devices to travel easier;
  • discounts, promotions and great deals;
  • minimalistic interface and high usability.
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