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Google LLC
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Read Along is an Android application with English grammar rules. The utility helps children learn more English words and write correctly.

How does it work?

The main advantage of the app is the ability to teach children English for free. There is necessary information on how to read and memorize words. Each short lesson allows users to concentrate on fun pictures in a game format.

The application contains hundreds of word games. A total of nine languages are available. The app supports individual progress and achievement system. All training materials corresponds to user's level. Each word can be reproduced to hear the correct pronunciation.

Games & entertainment

The application has a collection of stories on various topics. They are displayed in list format. Each completed task is marked with a green tick. Some games involve composing words from a chaotic set of letters. Successful completion of new tasks is rewarded with stars and badges. It motivates students to learn new things. The utility supports profile personalization. Each user can add his photo as an avatar.

You can choose any game in the main menu. There are tongue twisters and various competitions. You can play with your child and motivate him or her. The application helps children increase reading speed and interact with game characters. 

Users have the option of re-passing tasks for a better understanding. The utility can work offline. All training materials are downloaded on first launch. It is worth noting that all profiles are anonymous and protected.


  • grammar and spelling app;
  • all classes have a game form;
  • the application is available for free;
  • each task has a reward system.
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
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