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ReadEra is a convenient reader for Android devices that offers you a modern interface and the ability to read various formats.

Multifunctional reader

Many people like to read books on Android. Thanks to this application, you can simplify the whole process and make reading books as comfortable as possible. Choose various documents with any formats and read them without restrictions. You can bookmark or sort all your files by name. Add all the books you read, and the toilet goes literature by authors. You can make a separate series or collections.

It is worth noting that the application divides all content into formats and allows you to open the download folder. You can track the progress of reading any book and sort all your literature by bookmarks. Copy individual fragments from books to save them as quotes. You can also control the font, size of each character, and add the necessary effects. Switch between the day and night theme to comfortably read books.

Saved Quotes and Notes

It is worth noting that the application allows you to save various quotes and notes, regardless of the format of the book. You can open any books at the same time and enable the memory saving mode. Read reviews and a separate license and share your impressions of the book with other people. 

It is worth noting that this application allows you to create collections from a wide variety of masterpieces of literature. You can also crop PDF files and configure them to display on your smartphone or tablet. In general, this application will appeal to all literature lovers who want to plunge into the marvelous world of fantasy and other genres.


  • free application for reading books on Android;
  • system of bookmarks, catalogs, and genres;
  • track reading progress and adjust font size;
  • support for most popular formats;
  • quick markers in any book.
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