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We have already told you about the Piano application, with which you can learn how to play the string and keyboard musical instruments. Now bring to your attention Real Guitar. This solution allows you to play exclusively on a virtual guitar. There is no guitar, but would love to learn how to play it? Do not wait for the purchase of the instrument – start learning to play right now, along with Real Guitar!

General functionality

After installation, Real Guitar will display on your screen a visual image of a guitar that looks like a real one. To learn how to play it, you need to sort out the strings, as in the case of a real instrument. The application provides users with several game modes – easy, medium, designed for more advanced users, as well as the ability to record solos. Also, before the start of the game, you are allowed to choose which sounds the application should make – an acoustic or electronic guitar.

Real Guitar for Android has one interesting feature that you will definitely enjoy! The program allows you to record a musical composition, and then lay a guitar solo on it. It supports the export of the most popular audio format – MP3, so you don’t even have to spend time converting files using third-party applications.

Important information

Real Guitar is suitable for installation not only on mobile phones, but also on tablet devices, and also contains built-in advertising. You can get rid of it by buying the Pro version. Also keep in mind that part of the client’s functionality will not be available until you purchase a license.

App  Features

  • allows you to quickly and easily learn how to play the guitar;
  • the application gives realistic sounds of a musical instrument;
  • you can customize the sound of not only an acoustic guitar, but also electronic;
  • export tracks in MP3 format;
  • supports real-time guitar solo using background music.
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