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Reddit is an Android application where every user can create content and evaluate other people’s creativity.

How does it work?

The main idea of this Android community is to create interesting publications, ideas, and exciting videos. Here, each user will be able to join in the creation of content or look at interesting publications in chronological order. See other people’s stories, interesting pictures, and memes. 

Each user can participate in the community and earn points for activity. Thus, these points are called karma. You can decide on interesting films, books, games, and other interesting activities. Discuss topics of concern to you with other people and share new emotions. Here you can exchange gifts, build fan theories about various events, and create teams. Share interesting data and get all the benefits.

Discussion of interesting ideas

The main advantage of this application is the ability to discuss various ideas freely. Here you should not be afraid that someone will misunderstand you. Ask the most provocative questions and find out the answers you are interested in. Here you do not need to worry about privacy because everyone can express their point of view is free. 

Learn a lot of exciting things and share information with your friends. It is worth noting that each user is not limited to their activity. The offer has a free version and a premium subscription that opens up additional opportunities. It allows people to interact with each other even more effectively.


  • application for communication and content sharing;
  • read the news, watch the video and learn a lot;
  • free karma for each participant;
  • news, media content and a nightly theme for fans of modifications;
  • support for most current Android versions.
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