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Reflexio is a meditative diary on Android that helps you relax and dive into the depths of self-awareness. Here you can answer daily questions and make a chronology of all your days.

The daily memories

Every person needs an exit of emotions and self-awareness. Thanks to this Android application, you can significantly improve your psychological background and understand your feelings. The application allows you to keep weekly and record all significant events to engage in further self-development. You will certainly enjoy answering simple questions and recording everything that happens to you throughout the day. It is a great option for introspection and control of emotions.

Here you can answer daily questions and note your emotional state depending on the current situation. Daily questions are divided into various topics and allow you to understand your mental structure better. Here you can mark your emotional state every day or month. Depending on this, you can work on self-analysis and improvement. Keep all thoughts in one place and enjoy the time.

Perfect Design

The developers of this application have focused on the stylistic component. It’s convenient for both the sections and the ability to standardize all your notes makes it easier to keep a diary and write down all the thoughts that surprised you all day. Overall it is a great application to understand your psychological state and get the opportunity for introspection. Here you can become better and develop your intuition.


  • free Android diary app for phones & tablets;
  • answer daily questions and recognize yourself from a new perspective;
  • emotion control mode and the possibility of self-development;
  • make daily notes and get answers to questions;
  • stylish interface with convenient sections.
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